Once Again The Filipinos Proved That We Belong To The Top Of The World!


Congratulations on your outstanding victory at the Junior League Softball World Series 2023!


As the District Administrator, I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you for achieving this remarkable milestone in your softball journey.


Your dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination have brought immense pride not only to your city of Bago but also to our entire district. Your exceptional performance on the field exemplifies the true spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, and it serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.


Your triumph at the World Series is a testament to the countless hours of practice, the sacrifices you have made, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. You have shown the world the strength and skill that our young athletes from Bago City possess, and I have no doubt that this victory is just the beginning of an extraordinary future for each one of you.


I extend my gratitude to your coaches, parents, and supporters who have been instrumental in shaping you into the outstanding team you are today. Together, you have demonstrated that success is a result of collaboration, dedication, and a strong sense of community.


As District Administrator, I am honored to have witnessed this momentous achievement, and I am confident that your triumph will motivate other young athletes in our district to pursue their dreams and strive for greatness.


Once again, congratulations, Team Bago City! May your victory in the Junior League Softball World Series 2023 be the start of an unforgettable journey filled with even more accomplishments and joys.



With utmost pride and admiration,

Michael "Mike" Zialcita

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