Chasing Our Dreams: Negros Occidental Senior League Softball Philippines Road To The Asia Pacific Regional Championship

Trivia: Negros Occidental Charter, in the history of Little League Philippines, has had the most number of Little League Philippines Series Championships since 2017 up to the present.


So, how did this Little League Softball Team from the Philippines make it to the Asia Pacific Regionals?


First and foremost, Ezra Jalandoni, former RP Blu Girls (National Team) set the example with hard work and commitment. She inspired her players with her dedication to the team and to the sport of softball.


Ezra shared that – “As a team, they all worked hard and practiced every day. They trained together and pushed each other to do their best. Teamwork and unity were also big factors in their success. They supported one another throughout the entire journey, through the victories and the defeats.”


The team also had tremendous support from their families. Each parent was always there to help out and cheer them on. It was this combination of hard work, commitment, and support that enabled the team to achieve their goal of making it to the Asia Pacific Regional Championship - a stepping stone to the World Series.


This story of perseverance through challenges and success against all odds is a valuable lesson for all of us who are chasing our dreams. With the growth of softball in the Philippines, the country stands to increase its competitiveness in the Asia Pacific, and the teams from the country are well on their way to making their mark on the international level.


The team's story is an inspiration to all of us chasing our dreams! It teaches us the importance of believing in ourselves and having the courage to take on the challenges and obstacles that accompany the pursuit of our dreams.

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